Umbriago Golf Format – How To Play

There is more than a fair share of golf formats out there and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve written this article to give you a clear breakdown on how to play the Umbriago golf format.

Umbriago is most commonly played in a foursome with teams of two. The two teams will compete for four separate points on each hole. These points are rewarded for four separate categories.

  • Low Ball
  • Low Score
  • Closes To The Pin In Reg
  • Birdie

Low Ball

This category refers to the team which had the golfer with the lowest score. If you or your partner scored a par and all other players scored a bogey your team will receive a point.

Low Score

Low score refers to the cumulative scores between you and your partner. Your team’s score is added and compared to the other team. The team that has the lower total score receives a point.

Closes To The Pin In Reg

This category awards a point to the golfer that is closest to the pin when they have hit the green in regulation. If none of the golfers get to the green in regulation no one gets this point.


This category is quite self-explanatory, if any team has a member score a birdie they receive a point. If both teams score a birdie it is a wash. But if one team scores two birdies and the other scores one the team with two birdies will receive a point.

The Sweep

An important factor to remember is that if you win all four categories your points double. This means you will receive eight points if you win all four categories. Holes in which you win all four categories are typically the reason you win a match of Umbriago.

Betting on Umbriago

The most common betting units on Umbriago are only a quarter. This is because the point differential can add up quickly. You can also choose if you do the payout based on the total points of the team to each player or to split the pot and divide it between the two teammates.

This greatly changes the risk involved so be sure to decide if you have to pay out your points to each player or the team before the round.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide has given you everything you need to know about the Umbriago golf format learn the Chicago golf format or how to play snake if you are interested in more golf games.

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