Flags Golf Game – How To Play This Format

The flags golf game is a great way to make your next round of golf a little more exciting. This format can be played with any number of golfers so long as there is more than one. Here is how it works.

All you need to play this game is a handicap for each player involved as well as the par for the course you are playing. The golfers will then take the par of the course let’s say 72 for example and then add their handicap to that number.

So if you are a 13 handicap and the course had a par of 72 your number will be 85. This number, which each of the golfers must calculate, represents the number of strokes each golfer has for the round.

You then will play out the round in standard stroke play format. The goal is to complete the course before using up all of your allotted strokes. Once you have used up your strokes you “plant a flag” at your current spot.

Some golfers like to use small flags to do this but for the most part this step does not involve literally planting a flag. Though you must be sure to mark down your location where you ran out of strokes so that you remember.

The golfer that makes it furthest into the course before planting their flag is the winner. If multiple golfers finish the round prior to planting their flags then it is the golfer who has the most strokes remaining that is the winner.

Strategies When Playing The Flag Golf Game For The First Time

If you have never played flags golf game before we have put together a few tips so you can start on the right foot.

Avoid Blowup Holes At All Costs

Though this seems like obvious advice it is very important when playing flags. Blow up holes are just as much about course management as they are about skill.

Having a bad blowup hole is going to eat away at your strokes and likely force you to plant your flag much sooner than you prefer.

For this reason be sure to play conservatively on difficult holes, especially those in which you struggle to keep the ball in play.

Keep An Eye On The Scoreboard

Another important strategy when playing this game is to keep a close watch on your opponent’s scores. If your fellow golfers have a significant stroke advantage on you it may be time to play more aggressively.

Though this play is riskier it is important to know when you need a good score on a hole. Keeping a close watch on the scoreboard is going to give you a better understanding of when to play more conservative or aggressive in your game.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this breakdown taught you everything you needed to know about this golf game. If you enjoyed this flags golf format guide check out criers and whiners or the Chicago golf game.

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